Blerina Bombaj

Founder – Blerina Diet and Blerina Farm

Blerina Bombaj, an Albanian celebrity nutritionist and dietician that is a household name in the Balkans. Founder of Blerina Diet (, an organic restaurant and consultation practice for individuals and Blerina Farm, and organic farm and catering service in Tirana, Albania. Her consultations spans across industry and institutions. Her work includes counsel around weight and lifestyle management to Nutrition standards for hospitals in palliative care, diabetes, non- communicable disease and mental health. She is the creator and host of a popular television show “We are what we eat” that airs on Albanian National Television. She has designed dietary guidelines and meal plans for public day-cares in Tirana, lunch boxes in collaboration with the Albanian Municipalities for public schools, for private Montessori kindergartens in Tirana, including a dietary standard for the employees of Albanian Bank. Blerina is the Founding member of the Diabetes Association in Tirana, Albani.


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