Author, Energy Therapist

Krrish believes in the power of the individual. He believes our nature is love, compassion and sharing or else why would they be the most fulfilling and empowering aspects of life. However, our conditioning and a society built on ideals of ambition and material values make us believe otherwise. The true expression and authenticity of the individual is suppressed. We waste our lives in pursuit of ideals that give us the security of the herd, thereby living in imitation, losing ourselves and subsequently finding we are uprooted when challenged by existence. A truly transformed individual finds fulfilment in all areas of life material, emotional and spiritual.

Krrish’s mission is to transform and root individuals by creating awareness on the emotional, intellectual and spiritual level. Over the past two decades he has worked with people of all ages and all walks of life. The language of the heart and purity of purpose transcend race, creed colour and communal boundaries. Krrish’s mission spans from India to the UK to France.

Krrish is the author of two books ‘6 Steps to Ascension’, explores and resolves the dilemma of why some people achieve success while others don’t. ‘The Three Demons’ is a hand book to identify and amend relationship issues with family, friends and colleagues at work. The book changes the way we perceive people we interact with, forever.


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