The Sangha

“Sangha” is a Sanskrit word that means “community”. The essence of sangha is awareness, understanding, acceptance, harmony and love. Sangha means being willing to let other people in, to let them matter. In order to do that, we have to be willing for other people to let us in, and, together we interact to form a whole.

Buddhists and yogis thrive in sanghas but it has expanded to include a broader population of lay practitioners. A free association of developing individuals choosing to help each other along the path. It is difficult to make a change alone. In the Sangha, there is a powerful collective energy of mindfulness and concentration, that enables breakthroughs and ignites our insight. When we seek refuge in a Sangha and practice together, we can transform the wobbly way we sometimes feel into calm, centeredness, peace, and a quiet spiritual resolve. The happiness of a healthy Sangha of spiritual friends is contagious. The familiar faces, the glow of candles, the meditation is like bread crumbs leading us back to the miracle of mindfulness.


Krrish, from our advisory board facilitates a bi-monthly virtual Sangha. Reach out if you are keen to join the sangha and we will send you details.