Sophie Tidman

Leadership Coach and International Development advisor

Sophie has spent over a decade working within Governments in the UK and Africa to drive reforms in fiscal strategy and private sector development. She has experienced the drive for change from the other side as well: from establishing a successful and locally-run social enterprise in Cambodia to supporting Responsible Business Initiatives on behalf of DfID.

After years of navigating complex political environments, Sophie discovered that it is the quality of relationships that drive results. As a leadership coach and facilitator, she now serves organisations that see themselves as communities with purpose. A yoga teacher and improv theatre enthusiast, she is passionate about liberating the wisdom of the body to connect with ourselves, each other, and the planet. And as a mother of two small daughters, she sees everyday the responsibility but also the power of the role of the Mother, yet to be fully unleashed! She is excited to support Organic Quotient to navigate the complex systems around nutrition and sustainable supply chains to design a game-changing offer to Governments and communities.


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