Going vegan is not just a trend, it is an awakening. Infact, I believe, we are merely coming back full circle. There is a lot of literature available on compassion and using guilt to stop animal slaughter. Animal slaughter should stop. However, I do not think making powerful food choices should be triggered by guilt or shame. To me, that isn’t empowering. Making a choice to go vegan should come from a place of responsibility, accountability and most importantly a place of deep connectivity.

We live in a deeply interconnected ecosystem. One, in which, one life form has an intimate interaction with another. These relationships can be commensalistic, parasitic, or mutual in nature. Symbiotic relationships are a natural and necessary function of our planet – without them, nothing would survive. One of the signs that we are dependant on plants is the gas we inhale is the gas plants exhale. Going vegan is an acknowledgement of this symbiotic relationship and rebalances of the ecosystem.

We live in a time of existential overwhelm. From climate to health to existential anxiety. While we want to save the planet and be healthier as a species, I believe we can’t save the planet but only ourselves. We are part of the planet, if we learn to tread more lightly on our planet and if we take care of our health, we will offset a chain of healthy reactions within our interconnected ecosystem which will harmonize the imbalances that confront us today.

Taking responsibility for our own health is the master strategy to lead us to an end game that is harmonizing and connected. The oldest living creature (the tortoise), the strongest (the gorilla) and the largest (the elephant) are fuelled by plants. As they say, “Eat like a gorilla and you’ll live longer, with more vitality physically, mentally and spiritually.”

Rima Kohli

Mother, Founder of OQ